Brian Fleeger

As an admirer of historical craftsmanship, I’ve been fascinated by the grand works of medieval stained-glass artisans, their quality is evidenced by the elaborate church windows that still exist today. The lasting beauty of glass combined with the engineering savvy of the work of Louis Comfort Tiffany brought me to my true love – recreating and reinterpreting the functional works of art that are Tiffany style lamps.

Working in an ancient craft, stained glass, I feel connected to the craftsmen of history. It inspires and awes me to think that I’m a part of such a storied craft. Historical and modern, the medium offers the charm of the past with the relevance of the present.

My stained glass work is available at the PCCA Gallery in Newport, Goldcrafter’s Corner in Carlisle, or by contacting me directly if you have any special requests.


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