Elaine Haag

Elaine Haag Designs are elegant, luxurious silk scarves and wraps created by Nuno felting. Nuno felting combines fine silks, natural fibers and merino wool roving. High quality, undyed silks are dyed by Elaine to achieve perfect colorations. Some pieces are hand painted, creating 3D designs. Using water, soap, hands­on agitation, the fibers are worked until they migrate through the silk. It takes time and patience to achieve the migration. Rushing is not an option. When the fibers migrate, they become part of the fabric for a lightweight, organic, wearable piece of art that can be worn year round.

Elaine Haag Designs are eye catching, luxurious fashion statements created with thought, energy, heart and soul. The goal is for each person who wears one of Elaine's creations to feel spectacular, and to know they will not see a piece like theirs on anyone else.

As an artist, is it my desire to share my passion for Nuno felting by creating only high quality, lasting pieces for everyone to enjoy.

Medium: Fiber, hand-felted

Website: www.elainehaagdesigns.com

Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen Master Artisan

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