Erma Martin Yost

Trained as a painter, my creative canvas is now felt—the most ancient of textile forms—long predating spinning and weaving. Its structure is unspun fibers, matted together using only hot water, pressure, agitation and tenacity. I form it by hand, create imagery with resist dyes, and finally add "marks" with thread and found objects.

I came upon "felting" by accident, but once introduced, I was captivated by the tactile qualities, deeply embedded colors and range of subtleties. From this magical mesh of fibers, I endeavor to create a language of symbolic forms inspired by the mysteries of nature. My Felted Gardens series focuses on the repeating patterns of planting, cultivating, harvesting—then lying dormant—only to rejuvenate and repeat the cycle again and again. I try to evoke personal worlds containing a sense of place, solitude and contemplation.

Medium: Fiber, hand-felted/ stitched constructions


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