Glenn Ginder

Trees…an amazing gift to Planet Earth – shape, shade, color, fruit: and then they die. In my youth, I had some experience as a carpenter. We took the wood from those dead trees and shaped it into beautiful houses. More recently, my “love of wood” has found inspiration in the discarded parts (broken twigs, weathered stumps, sliced burls, etc.). In their natural setting, these “art treasures” have been exposed to several decades of nature's "abuse" - weather, termites, decay, sand... All of this, and more, has been assisting in the formation of these striking creations.

My part in this creation wonder (in all the earth there are no two pieces alike!) is twofold: First, I remove the decayed wood, and often clean crevices with a gentle wire brush, a dental pic, a tooth brush. Compressed air is used for the final preparation. The second part of the process is more psychic: I fall in love with the piece and begin to "see" a finished creation that I would prefer to keep and enjoy, but that would only fill my home with art (and deprive other art lovers of a special joy).

Medium: Wood


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