Jason Lyons

Since I can remember I have always been drawn to the natural world, either through time spent camping and hiking or days spent exploring the local junkyards and scrap piles. I joke that as a child I was the one watching Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom instead of the local baseball game. At the same time, art, and the creation of it, was also a constant in my life preferring mediums which gravitated to 3-dimensional work.

Today, inspiration comes from looking at the correlation between the “tools” and objects that have been created for human intention and how these items can relate to organic shapes found in the natural world. I look for these shapes buried within objects. I then utilize these shapes and reinterpret them into the anatomical structures that make up the organic sculptures I create.

Honoring the past histories and owners of the materials I use is also a major inspiration driving the creation of my sculptures. Who worked with a pruning saw to an extent that leaves it with a paint rubbed patina that can never be replicated? Or the child who enjoyed a toy car such that the wheels were literally worn away? However, it still exists, I can honestly say that not many of mine do from my own childhood. So, honoring these cherished items gives them new life through re-interpretation in my sculptures. In the end creating beauty from many common and in some cases mundane everyday objects. Many times sculptures are born from the inspiration of a single item. This launches a process in which additional materials are then gathered and the sculpture grows from there in depiction of the original vision.

Through upbringing and an inherent passion for the discarded object, I have developed a unique perspective and talent to visually dissect, re-interpret and then re-purpose the materials found in my sculptures. I look for the potential in every object, as a valuable contributor to the sculptures I create.

Today my work can be found in galleries nationwide along with acceptance into a number of various national juried exhibitions curated throughout the year. I currently keep a studio in Harrisburg Pennsylvania where all work is conceptualized and produced by me alone.

Medium: Metal, Wood

Website: jasonlyonsarts.com

Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen Master Artisan

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