Jeffrey McCombie

Hard shell gourds are said to be one of the oldest art forms dating back 5,000 years. Artists around the world have discovered the beauty and function this art provides and have created works that withstand the test of time. It is my goal to bring this ancient art form to a new level.

I am driven by the beauty and imperfections of nature. My artistic goal is to create impressionistic representations of nature’s elements. Techniques borrowed from potters, woodcrafters, and blacksmiths result in functional vessels for today’s living.

My work has transitioned over twenty years of research and experimentation. Today my passion is to produce organic vessels. I have developed proprietary techniques for preparing my canvas, the gourd; for layering stains and glazes and for finishing the inside and outside of the vessel. Archival stains are used  to assure my work retains its color over time. Metal leafing and powdered metals help me create fantasy metals i.e. bronze, silver and gold vessels. I have developed techniques that create impressions of wood, leather, pottery, bronze, and/or granite.

Through my work I attempt to explore our struggle to find perfect balance in an imperfect world. Sometimes true beauty lies hidden in the imperfect.

Medium: Mixed Media

Website: jeffrey-mccombie-fine-art

Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen Master Artisan

Wilds Cooperative of Pennsylvania Professional Level Artisian

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