Linda Billet

I am one of the millions of people that feel one should do what they love. Each work that I make is an attempt to “write the book that I want to read.”  I enjoy experimentation and discovery. I love texture and dimension. I think pattern and detail are fun. So each piece I make is an attempt to cram as many of those elements as I can into one space. Every work I create, even if it ends up in my trash can, is a joy to create and brought me lessons for future works. If there is anything I want you to see in my work, it is the happiness that goes into it because I genuinely want you to get that back for yourself.  Nothing pleases me more than when I hear from someone after years of owning my work and they tell me that it still makes them happy. I am fairly certain that creating art that makes people happy is my purpose in life. I believe that the Whatever that is connecting us ALL (four legged and two legged, republican and democrat) is what gave me the dream and the passion for what I do.

Medium: Glass


Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen Master Artisan

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