Richelle Walk

My designs are inspired by the natural beauty I see in gemstones. I like to look at the mineral and echo what I see there in my piece using the inclusions that enhance the stone and give it valuable character. Whether I am looking at a Tourmilated or Rutilated Quartz, a piece of Jasper, or a well-cut faceted gemstone, the patterns and vibrant colors guide me in creating a design as unique as the gemstone I am using. When designing, I often use asymmetry and try to bring it together with the overall aesthetics of the finished piece.

The most rewarding part of designing and creating a piece of jewelry from start to finish is knowing that each piece captures glimpses of my imagination that are forever preserved. I love the possibility my jewelry could be passed down through generations and that my jewelry could outlive me. I love my life and I love that I am able to create daily.

Medium: Jewelry

Website: rlcollection.com

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