Chapter Jury Process

Yellow Breeches Chapter Jury Process and Standards: How and Why We are Similar/Different from the Pennsylvania Guild Jury Process and Standards

The term “juried” has two different meanings.

The first and most common use of the term, as respects art and craft, is show jurying, the process by which applicants to art and craft shows are admitted as exhibitors. It is specific to that particular show or promoter.  Show jurying is analogous to applying for a job.

When we use the term juried in the context of chapter jurying – Master Artisan Status, at the state level – we are referring to status awarded to member artisans who have made proper application and shown mastery of their medium, their technique, and their voice.  This is more like testing for an advanced college degree.  It is awarded based on how well the work meets the Three Benchmarks: Excellence in Craftsmanship, Resolved Design, and Unique Voice (contemporary work) or Faithful Reproduction (traditional craft). You can read more about the Benchmarks here: 

Because juried status is, at the present time, a life-time accreditation, it is necessarily a rigorous process to preserve the stature of the Master Artisan designation.  By maintaining high standards for Master Artisan status, the PGC protects an important asset for all members.

Jurying at YBC level is a learning opportunity.  The main objective of Chapter jurying is the same as PGC Master Artisan jurying:  to give applicants positive feedback and useful critique of their work so they can continue to grow in their craft.  

To us, juried status means we have reached a level of proficiency and artistic expression worthy of this honor. To collectors, juried status is an assurance that they are looking at fine work – and that makes them more comfortable spending their money on it.

YBC Chapter jury criteria are the same as used by the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen.

Excellence in Craftsmanship

  • Highest quality execution of work; flawless
  • Mastery of medium (beyond intermediate level)
  • Highest quality materials
  • Functions as it should (if applicable)

Resolved Design

  • Good composition
  • Choice of materials and methods shows innovation and mastery
  • Artistic excellence
  • Reproduction work must be historically accurate

Unique Voice

  • Style that sets work apart as that of the individual artisan
  • Individual identity that makes work recognizable as belonging to that maker
  • Original – not copied, not kit-made, not from commercial patterns

Faithful Reproduction

  • Faithful and sensitive reproduction or original interpretation of traditional styles, designs, and shapes that have defined long-respected works of the craftsmen of our history.tyle that sets work apart as that of the individual artisan

Achieving Chapter juried status is not a guarantee that your work will pass PGC jurying rigors. The closer we hold to PGC standards, however, the better prepared you will be for the state process.  Chapter juried status is an honor in and of itself.  Our Chapter is recognized as one of the most exciting and dynamic chapters within the state.  By keeping our jury standards high, we secure the respect of the PGC.

By keeping the three tenets of juried status – Excellence in Craftsmanship, Resolved Design, and Unique Voice/Faithful Reproduction – in your sights, your work will grow and continue to improve, which will make you a happier, more satisfied, and more successful artisan, no matter how you define success.

YBC Chapter Jury Process: To download CLICK HERE.

YBC Chapter Jury Form:

  • To download a Microsoft Word version of the YBC Chapter Jury Application that will allow you to complete on your computer and email to the Standards Chair CLICK HERE.
  • To download a PDF version of the YBC Chapter Jury Application to print, complete and mail to the Standards Chair CLICK HERE.

If you have addition questions or want to know upcoming Chapter Jury Dates please contact Crystal Hunt Vice President-Standards

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